It is Linden flower harvest time where I live, and I am so thrilled.  I can walk down the street and smell the sweetest scent on the planet, the smell of Linden blossoms, often accompanied by the buzzing of bees. The honey from Linden is among the most delicious honey in the world.  Linden is also called Lime Tree, Basswood has the botanical name of Tilia europa, Tilia americana.

Linden is a terrific ally.  Beloved of children for it's delicious taste, the golden flowers from the Linden tree have been harvested for thousands of years.  Linden is enjoyed as honey or as infusion that is sweet, silky and slightly mucilaginous in texture. It is a soother to the mucous membranes, an anti inflammatory, a known relaxant of the nervous system,  and has a reputation as a preventive for arteriosclerosis and hypertension.  Linden is often applied as a treatment to high blood pressure and in feverish colds and flu. 

To make an infusion,  place 1/2oz of dried Linden flowers in a quart sized mason jar.  Fill it up with hot water.  Close with lid and let it brew for 8 hours.  Strain and squeeze the plant material to get all the mucilaginous goodness into your infusion.  I love linden infusions cold as well as warm. 

This really is one of my favorite times of the year.  With this Memorial day weekend, there is no better plan for me than riding my bicycle around Brooklyn following that intoxicating scent and the sound of the bees...