Plantago major, a persistent small plant growing everywhere from lawns and parks to cracks in the sidewalk, happens to be there because it is so eager to heal.  Commonly known as Plantain or Ribwort, this very useful weedy plant is a very effective skin healer amongst its other applications.  A freshly chewed leaf applied to a mosquito bite will neutralize the discomfort promptly and bring the swelling down, speeding up the healing process. 

Plantain is also known for it's drawing abilities.  Splinters, dirt and pus are drawn out of infections with the topical application of a Plantain preparation. 

Plantain is an effective aid in treating gum and mouth infections by drawing out and toning the tissues.  Leaves can be applied directly or try a frequent gargle with a fresh Plantain leaf infusion as good methods for treating mouth complaints. 

Moist and cool, it has a reputation for helping the respiratory system by lessening irritation, cleansing and removing phlegm.  Fresh leaf juice or infusions are good ways to take it in.

Plantain is multi-faceted in its healing properties.  Rich in fiber, it is beneficial in stimulating the  bowels, while the mucilage soothes irritated membranes. 


This year I am thrilled to be working with Plantain very closely, and experimenting with different preparations, aiming for a very potent healing double infused salve!