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1) CLEANSE: Liquid Clay Cleanser - Apply cleanser to skin and gently massage in circular movements all over face and neck area, allowing for the healing properties of French Green Clay to take action, such as mild exfoliation, detoxifying, toning of pores, mineralizing, balancing and stimulating blood flow. High in Linoleic fatty acid, Safflower seed oil helps dissolve sebum helping unclog pores and balancing acne prone skin. Green tea extract offers antioxidant properties helping fight free radicals and discoloration. Fennel helps with skin tone and improve connective tissue. Energetically fennel is said to help boost courage and strength in difficult times. If desired, and time allowing, the cleanser can be left on skin as a mini mask, for extra cleansing and softening action. After using the Liquid Clay Cleanser on skin, gently remove it with dry cotton pad.

2) MASK: Matcha Facial Mask - Mix mask with water and 3 or more drops of Liquid Gold Facial Serum. Apply it with treatment brush to cover face and neck. If extra nourishment and therapeutic action is desired, honey and/or herbal tea, such green tea or rose floral water, can be added for extra benefits. Matcha has a high antioxidant content, which helps to provide the skin with a line of defense against free radical sun damage and reduces inflammation. The high chlorophyll content in Matcha has anti-inflammatory and healing properties which help to calm red irritated and inflamed skin; it can be very helpful with Rosasea. Gotu kolas boosts antioxidants, increase blood supply to area, strengthens the skin, boots collagen production and decreases inflammation. Butcher's Broom brightens skin’s complexion and Amla is loaded with vitamin C, provides potent antioxidant protection and shields skin from damaging free radicals. Immediately after applying the mixed mask to the skin, massage with finger tips in circular motion, with extra attention to areas of need. The rice powder in this formula is a gentle, yet very effective exfoliant. This formula has as a secondary mission, to brighten the skin. Leave on skin for approximately 10 minutes. Wipe with soft cloth damped with lukewarm water.

3) TONE: Elixir ll Rejuvenate - This elixir is packed with prevention, protective and restorative properties. Neroli and Rose are both wonderfully soothing to the senses while beneficial to sensitive and damaged skin.  Wakame increases oxygen consumption by skin and promotes collagen production along with gotu cola, which is also anti-inflammatory. Reishi encourages cell turnover and has firming properties. Goji is a dermostimulant, offering toning and cell regeneration actions. Acerola is loaded with vitamin C adding antioxidants along with Hibiscus that in addition helps with plumping the skin. Ferulic acid is found in the leaves and seeds of most plants and has strong antioxidant property. Silk amino acids are remarkably softening to the skin. White tea restores from sun damage and helps even out tone. Mist the elixir over face and neck and let it absorb for a minute.

4) NOURISH: Immortelle Beauty Balm - A highly nourishing and reparative facial balm, the Immortelle Beauty Balm is made up of an impressive team of precious cold pressed unrefined oils, including Sea Buckthorn which is packed with super critical omega 7 essential fatty acid; infused with selected beneficial plants aimed to balance, restore and protect the skin. Bilberry contains revesterol and quercetin, both active in preserving skin’s youthful qualities, as well as anthocyanicides, which are powerful antioxidants. Butcher’s Broom helps with brightening and discoloration. Helichrysum also known as Immortelle is highly regenerative and responsible for promoting formation of new tissue, it is also well known for its ability to speed cicatrization, soothing irritation and for its antibacterial properties.  Place a small amount of Immortelle Beauty Balm in the palm of your hand. Gently rub hands together to evenly distribute the balm to both hands.  Apply it by using push and press technique, covering the face, neck and décolleté area. Let it absorb.

Includes  our special collaboration with Rock Water Pottery treatment bowl and a vegan brush. 



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